Hello & Welcome!

My favorite place to be hands down, no question is the mountains. Something about coming over the hill when we are headed to the Blue Ridge Mountains and seeing my first peek of them makes everything fall away around me.

Photography gives me the same feeling. I could have had a ridicules day at work, had an argument with my husband, worried about bills, whatever. My brain could be going a million miles an hour. As soon as I pick up my camera it’s like all the doors in my head immediately slam shut and a quiet calm washes over me. My gears shift and I’m busy looking at the light, taking in my surroundings and laughing with my clients.

There are parts of myself I don’t love, we all have them. The scattered brained, ADD, anxiety ridden parts of me I could do without. But the adventure driven, carefree, easy going, fun loving parts of me I love. So I am drawn to other like minded people.

I love other creatives. I love people who explore. I love people who want to make the most out of each moment and damn the dishes in the sink! 

I'm a mom, animal control officer and natural light junkie. Always looking for new places to shoot pictures and exercise my wanderlust.

For me I’m not looking for a client that has to have everything just so. I don’t want someone who is dead set on a certain light, that their outfit is perfect & that their hair is perfectly in place. I love people with a messy bun and a messy soul. People who just want to make amazing photos, however that may be. People who are down to try things out and maybe not finish the shoot where we had intended to because we found something WAY more awesome. I just love people who love life.

I would say that my photography is very earth toned based. I love shooting outdoors and working with natural light. I hate artificial light. I love photography with dramatic landscapes. I love natural looking, not forced posing. I like things to look and feel genuine, passionate and real. So anything from exploring graffiti sprayed city streets, to hiking on top of a mountain, I say lets do it! Your images should show you things that you may not have the time to see in everyday life. Your images should set your soul on fire. Thats what I want to do, set your soul on fire.

These are a few of my favorite things






The Mountains